How Good Housekeeping Pro Shopper Works


With your membership, you receive the following benefits, subject to the terms and conditions below:

  • 10% cash back on purchases made through the program at our online participating retailers
  • Shipping rebates on participating retailer purchases
  • Free return shipping labels
  • Special offers on partner services
  • Discounted gift cards

Your Good Housekeeping Pro Shopper benefits are available only to you and to permanent residents of your household who are at least 18 years old. In addition, membership benefits are only available to personal, non-commercial purchasers. Any order that is deemed a commercial (non-personal) use or high-volume/reseller order, at our sole discretion, will not be eligible for membership benefits.

10% Cash Back

As a member, you receive 10% cash back when you shop at eligible retailers included on our Shopping page. Simply click through the retailer links to a retailer website and complete your purchase online during that session in the browser window that opens from that link. Ten percent of your order sub-total (minus taxes and fees) will be automatically applied to your Savings page. Your cash back earnings will be paid out in the form of a check (see the “Savings” section below for details). You can earn 10% cash back on an unlimited number of purchases made through our Shop page.

Limits & Details: To qualify for 10% cash back, purchases must be made through the retailers links provided on the program website, and you must be an active member at the time of purchase. Your 10% cash back of online purchases from our participating brands will automatically appear on your Savings page within 5 to 7 days of your purchase being shipped. The 10% cash back is valid on merchandise only. Taxes, shipping charges, and other fees are not included. If a discount or other deal is available on a purchase, the 10% cash back will be applied to the sub-total price you pay after all such reductions are applied. You can earn a maximum of $1,000 in 10% cash back each year on purchases made through the program.

Participating retailers and brands are subject to change without notice. To see the current list, please visit the Shopping page. Purchases of gift cards and money orders, as well as purchases using a retailer’s bill-pay service, are not eligible for 10% reimbursement. Restrictions imposed by a participating retailer may apply. To view a specific retailer’s restrictions, please click the cash-back restrictions link on that retailer’s page.

Shipping Rebates

As a member, you are eligible for rebates on shipping costs on any purchase you make through the program. You can earn up to $10 per shipping charge, and up to a maximum of $500 per year in shipping rebates. Rebates will be applied to your Savings page and paid out in the form of a check. To receive a rebate after you make a purchase, submit a rebate claim along with your dated proof-of-purchase documentation. Please refer to the “How to Submit a Shipping Claim” section below for details.

Limits & Details: You are eligible for up to $500 in shipping rebates on online participating retailer purchases per year. Shipping rebates must be claimed within 60 days of the original purchase date. Shipping rebates require valid proof of purchase documentation. Please refer to the “How to Submit a Shipping Rebate Claim” section below for details.

How to Submit a Shipping Rebate Claim

To submit a shipping rebate claim online, visit the Shipping page, and fill out and submit the electronic rebate form. You can email your proof-of-purchase documentation, along with your claim number, to Online submissions will appear in on your Savings page upon verification and processing.

You can also send your proof-of-purchase documentation by mail to: Good Housekeeping Pro Shopper Rebates, P.O. Box 290728, Wethersfield, CT 06129-0728. Please be sure to write your claim number on all documentation. Mailed submissions will appear on your Savings page upon approval.

Proof-of-purchase documentation must list the retailer, purchase date, item(s) purchased, purchase amount, and shipping charge (if applicable). Acceptable documents include a sales receipt, a packing slip, an order confirmation email, or an order confirmation page.


The savings you earn through the program are deposited into your Savings page and sent out in the form of a check to the mailing address on file for you. Cash back claims are added to your Savings page once we receive notification from the retailer that your order has shipped. Shipping claims are added to your Savings page once we receive your rebate claim and supporting documentation. You will receive one check per month for the balance of approved claims listed on your Savings page. Claims that are submitted before the end of any given calendar month and approved are paid out the following month. Once a claim is marked as paid on your Savings page, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Limits & Details: You can view your current balance and activity by visiting your Savings page, or you can ask about any balances or activity by calling Customer Service anytime at 866-365-5016. Should you cancel your membership, you will receive a check for the amount remaining on your Savings page.

Free Return Shipping

As a member, you are eligible for free return shipping via FedEx® Ground for purchases you make through the program. Please note that you may need to pre-authorize the return with the retailer to ensure your return is accepted. In addition, Good Housekeeping Pro Shopper only offers savings on FedEx Ground return shipping charges. We do not and cannot guarantee that you'll qualify for or receive a refund on your purchase from the retailer. In order to qualify for a purchase refund from a specific retailer, you must comply with that retailer's refund policy and procedures.

Limits & Details: To qualify for free return shipping via FedEx Ground, the item you are returning must have been purchased through Good Housekeeping Pro Shopper and your return shipment must be sent while you are an active member of the program. Only one return shipping label may be claimed per each original order. Insurance coverage for return shipping of the item is not provided under the program.

Your return shipment must comply with the size, weight, and packaging guidelines established by FedEx Ground. Your return shipment must be sent to a valid commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States. Return shipments sent to residential addresses, P.O. boxes, or other non-commercial locations do not qualify for free return shipping via FedEx Ground. You must reside in the 48 contiguous United States. Free return shipping via FedEx Ground is not available to members who reside in Alaska or Hawaii, nor is it available to residents of Iowa.

How to Print Free Return Labels

To print a free FedEx Ground return label, visit the Return Shipping page and complete the "Print a Label" form. Print out the label, attach the printed label to your package, and drop off your labeled package at any one of more than 1,800 FedEx Office® locations and 5,800 FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® locations nationwide to have the package shipped. Click the “FedEx Store Finder” tab on the Return Shipping page to find FedEx locations in your area.

Special Offers

As a member, you have access to special offers on partner services. Simply visit the Special Offers tab to view eligible offers.

Limits & Details: Subject to service partner terms.

Discounted Gift Cards

As a member, you can purchase gift cards for select retailers at a 10% discount. All gift cards have a value of $25 and are available to our members at the discounted price of $22.50. Visit the Gift Cards page to view a list of eligible gift cards. You can purchase gift cards online through the Gift Cards page or by phone at 866-365-5016.

Limits & Details: You can purchase a maximum of 6 gift cards per month. To place an order, you’ll need to provide a valid credit card account as payment. Orders will ship within 2-5 business days from the date we receive your order. You will receive all gift cards in any single order in one envelope. You do not pay shipping charges on any gift card order. Gift cards are subject to change based on availability.